Strength Endurance Workout Ideas

Every workout session must include strength endurance exercises that are essential in staying fit. Although many people skip this part of their workout routine because they believe it’s not that important, you must know that you have to treat each workout part equally, including muscular endurance and strength training. If you are not sure how you can do that, here are some simple and effective workout ideas to improve your strength and endurance.


If you want to increase your strength and improve your endurance, you will have to lift heavily in order to train your muscles and accustom your body to pressure. Besides your regular squats, push-ups and stretching, you must include lifting in your workout routine but you have to do it step by step so your muscles won’t hurt the next day. Once you get the hang of weight lifting, you can combine it with other exercises like lunges or squats. Don’t get too carried away and push your limits too far, because you could get injured. Exercise three sets of two in reps of four so you won’t overexert your muscles.


Although running is usually considered as a cardio exercise, it can also help you increase endurance and train your entire body muscles not only your legs. Most athletes perform running as a daily workout routine because it helps them increase their strength. Every time you run, you put excessive pressure on your legs that have to support your entire body. This is why most trainers suggest using the treadmill during the running session because its deck provides better support for your legs and protects your joints. A good treadmill can offer you the perfect running conditions that will help you strengthen your muscles and increase your physical endurance while protecting you from injury.


This type of workout is very popular among athletes who have discovered the importance of their arm muscles. Unless you can row a boat down a river every day, your best chance to perform this type of workout is to use a rowing machine. This fitness equipment is designed to offer resistance with each stroke so you will train your arms, legs, back, and shoulder muscles. You can use the rowing machine for warming up, for intense cardiovascular exercising, and you can combine it with other types of workout. Alternate rowing and resting in 1-minute rounds so you will heat up your muscles.