Predictions For This Year’s French Open

Year after year, the French Open has provided tennis fans everywhere with unforgettable moments of pure genius. The best tennis players around the world gather here to fight for the title of champion of the clay. This year, the Grand Slam will start on the 16th of May with the Qualifiers, and it will end on the 5th of June, the day when the Gentlemen’s Final will be played. But who will win this year’s French Open? We all have our favorites, but it’s time to take a more realistic look at the competitors to establish who will most probably take the title this year. Therefore, if you want to find out our predictions for this year’s French Open, read the following lines.

Predictions for the Men’s Singles

As we said before, it’s time to leave your favorites aside and take a realistic look at who has the best chance to win the French Open in 2016. While a lot of people would be pleasantly surprised for Rafael Nadal to take back his throne and become the king of clay once again, this probably isn’t going to happen. The player didn’t even make it to the final last year, a fact that shocked tennis fans all over the globe. This Grand Slam was his signature trade, and everyone thought that he was invincible. Unfortunately, it wasn’t to be. Also, this year doesn’t look better for the Spanish player either. He will most probably make it to the final, but our prediction is that he isn’t in the needed shape to win the event yet. The player that will most probably win the Men’s Singles event at 2016’s French Open will be none other than Novak Djokovic. His performance last year was extremely thrilling until it came to an abrupt end in the final. Everyone imagined him holding the title above his head, but Stanislas Wawrinka made sure that he wouldn’t get that chance yet. Will this be Novak’s year? Most probably yes. After all, last year he probably got surprised and didn’t expect the Swiss player to perform so well on clay. This year, the No. 1 tennis player won’t make that same mistake, and he’ll bring his A-game in order to complete his Grand Slam title collection.

Predictions for the Women’s Singles

Women’s tennis is extremely surprising, to say the least. You never know what might happen, and that provides tennis fans with surprising losses and victories. We predict that the final in the Women’s Singles event at this year’s French Open will guest none other than Serena Williams and Victoria Azarenka. Victoria Azarenka has played spectacular tennis since she got back on the tennis court after her injury. She is an ambitious and perfectionist player who is hungry for titles. Her performance until now, and the fact that she is an intelligent player that can handle any adversary make us believe that she will be this year’s runner-up for the title. Therefore, our prediction regarding the Women’s Singles event champion at 2016’s French Open is Serena Williams. She might be a veteran, but as the years pass, her clay game is becoming better and better. She is a fierce tennis player that is very hard to knock down. This is why everyone is shocked whenever the player loses a game. Looking at the women’s rankings and performances, it’s clear that she’s the favorite. Love her or hate her, no one can deny this woman’s talent and passion. Therefore, she will probably win her 22nd Grand Slam title at this year’s French Open, matching Steffi Graf’s record. Who knows, by the end of the season she might even surpass this record as well.

Predictions for the Doubles and Mixed events

It’s easy to figure out who we predict is going to win the Women’s Doubles at the French Open this year. Martina Hingis and Sania Mirza have won the last 3 Grand Slam Women’s Doubles titles. They are both mature and perfectionist players who work well together. The chemistry between these two women will surely help them be the proud clay champions. When it comes to the Men’s Doubles event, things are more complicated. We predict that the Bryan brothers will make a surprising comeback, making it to the final. Here, they will probably loose in front of the team composed of Jamie Murray and Bruno Soares. These two players work extremely good together, and they have already managed to win this year’s Australian Open. At the Mixed Doubles events, if Roger Federer is going to team up with Martina Hingis, they will most probably win. The two players are extremely professional, they have a great chemistry, and they are both titans when it comes to tennis. They might be up there in age, but in the Doubles events, this is a great advantage. Federer’s perfect serve mixed with Hingis’s genius gameplay make for a hard combination to beat.