Is Boxing a Good Sport For Your Child?

Boxing is very controversial due to its harsh nature. The idea of two people fighting each other doesn’t sound pleasant at all. Therefore, as a parent, you have to ask yourself if boxing is an appropriate sport for your child or not. After all, you can’t take any risks when it comes to your child’s health and well-being. This is the reason why we advise you to read the following lines before you make a decision to learn the truth about children and boxing.

Are the injuries worth the risk?

A lot of pediatric doctors advise parents to not allow their children to practice boxing. The brutal nature of this sport makes them feel this way about it. They say that the child is exposed to the risk of head injuries if he practices it. On the other hand, trainers and boxers say that this sport should be practiced by children because it helps them grow strong, and it disciplines them. The truth is actually somewhere in the middle, meaning that both doctors and boxing supporters are right in their own way. It’s true that the child is exposed to head injury if he practices boxing, but it’s a sport that will help him grow up strong. Also, due to the sport’s nature, the child will learn to be more disciplined as well.

What does box training involve?

Don’t think that boxing is only about throwing punches because it’s a lot more complex than this. Those who practice this sport actually spend most of their time stretching, conditioning, and exercising on punching bags rather than hitting each other. Of course, the child could be injured when he punches the bag if he’s not careful, but he will injure his knuckles, not his head. After all, you want your child to exercise, not make a profession out of boxing. Therefore, there won’t be any need for him to fight with other children at practice.

Will boxing help your child grow strong and smart?

Boxing helps children grow up strong and smart because it promotes using your own force and body weight, and it makes you find intelligent and fast responses to the blows that you might receive in order to avoid them. Therefore, boxing will help you raise a strong child who will be able to plan his next move very fast. Also, boxing prevents children from getting into fights at school due to its disciplined nature. When they train, the children are taught that they should use their knowledge only to defend themselves. In addition, the child will have a place where he can get the stress that is bothering him off of his chest without hurting anyone else.


It’s very delicate to provide a clear piece of advice when it comes to children and boxing. As a parent, you have to consider everything that we have already told you before you make a decision regarding whether your child should practice boxing or not. Therefore, think carefully about what you have learned here, talk with the small one to find out how he feels about this sport, and take the final decision together.