Gifts That Any Soccer Fan Will Enjoy

It’s extremely hard to make gifts to your loved ones because you want them to be perfect. In case you have a soccer fan in your life, make things easier for yourself when you go gift shopping for him by reading the following lines. Here you will find out which are the perfect gifts to give to a soccer fanatic. No matter what you choose, he will definitely love it, and you will surprise him pleasantly due to the fact that you took an interest in his passion.

The Ball Is Round – A Global History of Soccer

Any soccer fan loves accumulating as much knowledge about this sport as possible. This is the reason why the perfect gift for a soccer fan is “The Ball Is Round – A Global History of Soccer” book written by David Goldblatt. This textbook contains the history of soccer around the world. It’s very thick, having 907 pages without counting the index. With the book’s help, he will learn everything about soccer, starting with how the game developed everywhere, to the history of all the soccer clubs, soccer controversies, the rise of iconic footballers, and all the depths of corruption in FIFA. Therefore, buy this book for the low price of $28, and delight your loved one with literature that he actually likes.

A jersey with his favorite team

Every soccer has a favorite team that they root for. Take an interest in what the favorite team of your loved one is, and surprise him by giving him a jersey with his favorite team. This gift will pleasantly surprise him not only due to the fact that he certainly wants it, but due to the fact that you took an interest in his passion as well. No matter the club that the soccer fan in your life likes, you can purchase the club’s jersey off of their official website. To further surprise him, you could order a mug with his favorite team or player as well.

UEFA Euro 2016 official match ball

All soccer fans love having collections of the official match balls used for the most important soccer events. No matter if they actually use the balls themselves or they simply store them neatly to have reminders of the most important soccer events, they all go crazy for these balls. Therefore, if you want to see that soccer fan in your life happy, buy him the UEFA Euro 2016 official match ball. To purchase it you will have to spend $160. It’s produced by Adidas. It has a gorgeous design. This soccer ball offers accuracy and a soft touch. It features a thermally bonded surface for lower water uptake. Of course, the ball has the FIFA-certified circumference, rebound, weight, and water absorption.