Best Ways to Monitor Your Weight Loss Progress

Losing weight is something everyone wishes to happen very fast so the results will immediately be noticeable, which is not always possible. Good results come in time and you must not rush the process no matter how much you want to lose weight. In order to see how effective a diet or a workout session turns out to be, you must keep track of your weight loss progress. If you don’t know how, keep reading to find out which are the best ways to monitor your weight loss progress.

Use a body fat analyzer

Most people use a scale to see how mush weight they have lost, which can disappoint them because chances are they are losing fat but they are gaining muscle, which means they will see about the same weight on the scale. In order to avoid this situation, it’s best to use a body fat analyzer that shows not only the body fat, but also the visceral fat, the muscle mass, and the bone mass. Judging by the comparison, such a device outcomes the precision of a regular scale and helps you keep tabs on every parameter related to your body weight. This way, you will get a full scan of your body composition so yo will be able to monitor your weight loss more accurately.

Take pictures before and after

Not only to monitor your weight loss but also to give you the necessary motivation, take pictures before starting the process and every one or two weeks. Taking pictures every day will make it hard for you to detect the changes which could discourage you, so avoid taking daily pictures. Therefore, take the pictures weekly, try to wear as little as possible, and keep the same spot and the same lighting so you will be able to make a comparison.

Look in the mirror

Nothing can offer you a better reflection of yourself, so if you want an objective opinion, ask your mirror. Don’t only analyze your body, but also look at your face and see if there is any change in your face shape. Check out your muscles to see if they are more defined and try to be as objective as possible.

See how your clothes fit you

A great way to see how much weight you have lost is to try on clothes that used to fit you perfectly or those you were unable to fit in. You will easily notice if your belt needs to be tightened or if you can easily slip into an old pair of jeans. However, not only the way you fit in your clothes is important but also how your clothes feel. If your weight stays the same but your clothes feel loser, it means that you are losing fat and gaining muscle, which is great.