Best Irons For Improving Your Golf Game

Golf is extremely fun to play, but it’s difficult to play a good game without the right equipment. If you want to be better at your game, you have to invest in quality irons that can help you make better shots. The design of the iron is what makes the difference between an iron that will help you improve your game, and one that won’t make any difference. Therefore, if you want to find out which are the best irons for improving your golf game, read the following lines. No matter the model that you choose, any of them will help you be a better player.

Once you have the best irons for your golf game, make sure you complete your golf bag with a rangefinder that will help you pick the right club for each shot. The finest choices have been reviewed for you at so it will be easier for you to choose the best one. The accuracy and ease of use of the rangefinder are guaranteed to improve your golf game so be sure to compare the top picks of in your pursuit for the most reliable golf rangefinder. After you take care of this aspect and your golf bag contains everything you need, you can be sure that your golf game will improve.

Callaway XR

The Callaway XR 6-iron is defined by style and amazing performance. To purchase it you will have to spend around $800. The improved 360 Face Cup technology provides outrageous ball speed all across the iron’s face. The length of the Callaway XR 6-iron measures 37.625 inches, and the lie is 62 degrees. It has an offset of 0.240. It’s perfect for both right-handed players and left handed players. It has a 26-degree loft. The two-piece construction of the 6-iron includes a dual heat treatment. All in all, this iron improves your golf game due to the fact that it’s precise, and it has a meticulous craftsmanship.

TaylorMade M2

Another great iron that will improve your golf game considerably is the TaylorMade M2 model. You will have to spend $800 to buy it. It has an incredible futuristic design that makes it seem like it was taken out of a “Star Wars” movie. The iron’s design specializes it in ball speed. The fact that it provides such great ball speed is the result of an intelligent construction that implies removing the mass in the hosel and under the topline. To manufacture this amazing iron they have repositioned that mass where it could enhance launch and speed. Also, another aspect of the M2 iron that makes it such a great choice is the modification to the sole slot that helps launch the ball high.

Ben Hogan PTX

Last on our list of the best irons for improving your golf game comes the Ben Hogan PTX 6-iron that you can buy for the price of $1200. It might be pricier than most models on the market, but it’s worth every penny that you spend on it due to its amazing capabilities. This iron is a top of the line model due to the revolutionary titanium co-forging process used in its manufacturing. In addition, it offers better shotmaking precision due to the fact that it removes the right amount of mass from the center of the clubhead, and it preserves face thickness while optimizing perimeter weight.